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Adopt A Sheep

In the area of the Ring of Kerry Mountain Sheep have been in the hill and on the roads for many hundreds of years. Every year thousands of tourist come to Ireland to see the beautiful countryside and make photographs of the Ewes and Little Lambs wandering around, enjoying their freedom.

The Goal of Adopt a Sheep is to preserve the Irish Heritage of mountain Sheep, living in the mountains in the scenic area of Moll’s Gap on the Ring of Kerry (Ireland).

In doing so also the heritage of a traditional Family Farm in this Special Area of Conservation is saved for future generations.


You can Adopt a Sheep for only €50.00 a year become and Adoptive Parent. This amount covers the costs of maintaining one mountain sheep for a year.

You can give your Adoptive Sheep a name and we will send you a Certificate with the number of your sheep on it.

Adoptive Parents can visit the Farm Free of Charge and join one of our Scheduled Demonstrations and meet their Adopted Sheep.

Some Adoptive Parents do not name their sheep until they visit and pick out their own sheep from the many hundreds of Sheep and Baby Lambs.

Be An Adoptive Parent

If you want to be an Adoptive Parent you can make your Donation of €50.00 below and fill out the information. Every year, you can decide whether or not you want to continue the Adoption of your Sheep.

Fill out my online form.

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